Temwa works to support the people of northern Malawi. This area is one of the most disadvantaged and remote regions in the world. 

  • We train villagers to grow a variety of vegetables and fruit to improve the nutrition in their diet. 
  • We run HIV testing clinics and work to combat the stigma surrounding those who test positive. 
  • We build school blocks and fund students through their secondary school education. 
  • We enable entrepeneurs to turn their business plans into reality with small business loans. 
But crucially, these projects are all driven by the communities we serve. In many of the region's villages, Temwa is the only organisation working with them. 

We are a growing charity with a dedicated team of full-time staff in Malawi. The majority of the staff is from the communities we are working to support. This gives us a unique cultural understanding and creates trust amongst those we work for.  

We also have a small UK-based office in Bristol, which is primarily made up of volunteers who generate valuable funds and create awareness of the work we do.   

Although we have two offices in different countries, we are a united team. In the local language “temwa” means community love. This symbolises all that we are trying to achieve: the community working together, for each other. 

Our projects are vital, and your support is integral to the continuation of our work. To make a donation to Temwa's projects, please visit our Virgin Money Giving page.

Please visit our official website to find about more about Temwa's ongoing work and how you can help support our projects, or contact the team by emailing: info@temwa.org.uk